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Gurza razor wire and barriers

Certified barriers made of reinforced barbed tape
Technical conditions TU Ukraine 25.9-21804553-001:2020, certificate of conformity UA0.YT.092405-21
Razor tape steel EN 10346. Wire EN 50189, tensile strength 1600 MPa/mm2
Wire zinc coating at least 80 g/m2, razor tape zinс coating 140-290 g/m2

Product name Max. coil length, m Price per coil, UAH
"Gyurza" razor wire in one thread
"Gyurza" razor wire163.92100
"Gyurza" security barriers on 3 clips
"Gyurza-400/3" barrier211680
"Gyurza-450/3" barrier231800
"Gyurza-500/3" barrier24.51980
"Gyurza-600/3" barrier262340
"Gyurza" security barriers on 5 clips
"Gyurza-500/5" barrier172160
"Gyurza-600/5" barrier192520

Barbed tape

Product namePrice, UAH/kg
"Concetina" barbed tape240

Clips for installation

Product namePrice, UAH/pcs.
"Standard" clips2.4

Holders for installation

For dowels For welding
Product name Price, UAH/pcs.
Primer coating, welding fastener
Holder 400144
Holder 450, 500168
Holder 600198
Coating polymer powder paint, for fixing with dowels
Holder 400360
Holder 450, 500390
Holder 600414

Linear tension wire

Detailed information
Product name Price, UAH/m
Galvanized high carbon wire 2.2 mm5.18
Galvanized low carbon wire 2.5 mm5.18

Additional services

Detailed information
Product name Price, UAH
Departure to the installation team, km30
Dismantling of old barriersby agreement
Cutting down vegetationby agreement
Installation of CCTV and alarm systemsby agreement
Installation of non-lethal electric shock systemsby agreement
Departure of the consultantby agreement
Design workby agreement

For work at height, in wintertime and for works under extreme conditions surcharge rate is applied.

The price of products is indicated on an advance payment basis, in case of purchase with a deferred payment, the price is calculated individually

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