Gurza barbed wire installation

Gurza barbed wire installation

Gurza barbed wire professional installation

The installation of Gurza barbed wire is no less important component of a high-quality perimeter engineering protection system than Gurza razor wire itself and barriers made of it. Qualitatively and competently, the installed Gurza barriers will reliably protect the protected area for many years, while the artisanal installation of barbed wire can negate all its protective properties.
The installation of Gurza concertina barriers is possible on all types of fences, buildings and any structures, the Gurza security barrier can be installed in one or several rows. The installation of the Gurza barbed wire in one thread can be carried out using both new and existing posts from the old fence or a fence made of ordinary barbed wire, which significantly reduces the cost of creating a Gurza razor wire fence. In addition, Gurza barbed wire in one thread can be installed in several rows in the form of an inclined or vertical canopy on any fence.

Having ordered the installation of Gurza barbed wire by our specialists, you can get rid of the above problems and get a reliable and effective perimeter protection system, created taking into account the characteristics of the object and installed at the highest technical level. All work is carried out by professional installers with extensive experience in installing various types of barbed wire fences at a variety of sites. Thanks to the qualifications of our installers and their equipment with all the necessary materials, components and equipment, high quality installation of barbed wire is guaranteed.

Self-installation of Gurza barbed wire

We highly recommend not installing the barbed wire on your own for several reasons.

Firstly, it is difficult to foresee all the features of barbed wire mounting without being a security specialist. Small errors during the installation of barriers can result in large losses in the future due to the imperfection of the created system of engineering protection of the perimeter.

Secondly, Gurza razor wire is a great danger not only for potential attackers, but also for inept installers – without the skills to work with razor wire, you can get very serious injuries.

And thirdly, no matter how strange it sounds – it’s cheaper to pay specialists than to your employees. The reason is simple – the labor productivity of our installers is several times higher than that of a worker who had never before worked with razor wire barriers.

These and other factors make it possible to opt for professional installation of barbed wire.