Barbed wire and spiral barriers under the Gurzatm are manufactured by Caiman Production Group LLC, Ukraine, Kiyv. Production group Caiman is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality razor wire and concertina barriers of various types. Under the Gurza trademark, Gurza barbed wire and Gurza spiral barriers with a diameter of 400 to 600 mm are sold.

The Caiman production team has a full Gurza barbed wire and Gurz spiral barriers production cycle – from stamping razor tape to manufacturing concertina barriers. Thanks to a multitude of automatic lines, our production is able to quickly fulfill orders for Gurza barbed wire in almost any volume, and Gurza razor wire and the Gurza concertina barrier types are always in stock.

The Caiman Production Group LLC not only produces high-quality Gurza barbed wire and Gurza spiral barriers, but also provides installation services for barbed wire at the customer’s facilities. In addition, we carry out free delivery of barbed wire throughout Ukraine.

By contacting us, customers can receive a full range of services – from designing a comprehensive system of engineering protection of the perimeter to the delivery and installation of concertina barriers at their turnkey facility. All products of the Caiman Production Group and the installation of barbed wire are given a long warranty.

Full cycle – from the production of barbed wire to the installation of razor wire obstacles