Gurza barbed wire

Gurza razor wire

Gurza razor wire

Gurza barbed wire is an effective means of protecting any objects. Gurza razor wire can be successfully used both for the protection of private property, and for the creation of effective barriers along the perimeter of large enterprises or storage facilities. Gurza barbed wire can be used in one thread as a replacement for obsolete barbed wire – for the construction of barbed wire fences or the manufacture of barbed canopy on existing fences. In addition, Gurza razor wire is used for the manufacture of a number of security barriers with a diameter of 400 to 600 mm – quite compact, but very reliable.

Gurza barbed wire, more precisely – Gurza razor wire, is produced on modern automated equipment. We have our own production of Gurza barbed wire, covering the entire cycle of its manufacture – from stamping razor tape to the manufacture of concertina barriers. Gurza barbed wire is made of stamped Concertina razor tape and galvanized high-carbon wire with a diameter of 1.85 mm. For the manufacture of barbed tape, galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.45 mm is used. The use of high-quality raw materials and strict observance of production technology allows you to get a reliable and efficient barbed wire. Our Gurza razor wire is certified and is manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications of TU U 25.9-21804553-002:2016 with modern equipment.

Gurza barbed wire has many advantages, the main of which are high efficiency, low weight and low cost compared to other types of razor wire. This allows you to inexpensively protect private property or create an extended line of prickly barriers around a large object, saving money that would be more efficient to send, for example, to a video surveillance system or burglar alarm. It is worth recalling that buying barbed wire is half the battle; the installation and effectiveness of barbed wire, which is best left to professionals, have a significant impact on the efficiency and durability of its work.

Technical characteristics of Gurza razor wire

The main characteristics of Gurza razor wire
Razor wire diameter, mm 2.75
The number of turns in the coil, pcs 87
The length of the barbed wire in the coil, m 163.9
Wire diameter, mm 1.85
Wire standard EN 50189
Tensile strength, N/mm2 1600
Zinc coating, g /m2 80
Razor tape
Razor tape thickness, mm 0.45
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290
Razor tape teeth pitch, mm 25.5
Razor tape blades length, mm 10.5
The radius of the rounding of the base of the blades, mm 2.5