Spiral barrier made from barbed wire “Gurza-600/5”

Gurza-600/5 spiral security barrier

Concertina barrier “Gurza-600/5”

“Gyurza-600/5” razor wire spiral barrier is the most effective of all Gurza security barriers. In addition, this spiral Gurza barbed wire barrier has a maximum diameter, it uses 5 clips per turn, which significantly increases the strength and rigidity of the spiral barrier structure and increases its protective properties compared, for example, with concertina barrier “Gurza-600/5” of the same diameter, but using 3 clips per turn. The spiral barrier made from razor wire “Gurza-600/5” can be recommended for protecting the perimeter of any objects. The high quality and low price of Gurza barbed wire are guaranteed – we ourselves are the manufacturer of this concertina barrier.

The spiral barbed wire barrier “Gyurza-600/5” is made from Gurza barbed wire with a diameter of 2.75 mm with 5 clips for each pair of turns of the spiral. The spiral barrier made of barbed wire “Gyurza-600/5” is made with a diameter of 600 mm in the transport position, and when stretched to the recommended length, its diameter decreases to 530-540 mm. Such a barbed wire concertina barrier can be stretched during installation from 15.5 to 19 meters, the recommended installation length of the spiral barrier is 15.5 meters. Our spiral barbed wire barrier is certified and is manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications of TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2016 with modern equipment.

Main characteristics “Gurza-600/5” barrier
Coil diameter, mm 600
Coil diameter in the working position, mm 530-540
The number of turns in the coil, pcs., at least 87
The number of clipss on each pair of turns, pcs. 5
Installation length of one coil, m 15.5-19
Recommended length of one coil, m 15.5

Having bought such a high-quality and reliable product as a barbed wire spiral barrier “Gyurza-600/5” to protect your property, you should not save on the cost of installing it. The reliability of the protection of the territory fenced by it depends not only on the quality of the concertina barrier itself, but also on the quality of its installation. Practice shows that only professionals can perform high-quality installation of razor wire. Our installers have been working with Gurza barbed wire and other types of security barriers for several years, therefore they have extensive experience and all the necessary skills for handling Gurza razor wire. Having ordered barbed wire installation from us, you can be calm for the quality of the work performed and the reliability of the perimeter engineering system they created.

“Gurza-600/5” barrier specifications

Wire diameter, mm 1.85
Wire standard EN 50189
Tensile strength, N/mm2 1600
Zinc coating, g/m2 80
Razor tape
Razor tape thickness, mm 0.45
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290
Razor tape teeth pitch, mm 25.5
Razor tape blades length, mm 10.5
The radius of the rounding of the base of the blades, mm 2.5
Clip type “Dovetail”
Clip thickness, mm, not less 1.2
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290
Clip length in the scan, mm 37
Clip width, mm 10