Holders for welding

Weld holder for installing the Gurza spiral barrier

Welding holders

Holders for fastening by welding are used for mounting all types of Gurza spiral barriers. Holders for welding are used in the installation of Gurza spiral barriers for various types of metal structures and metal barriers at objects of any type, as well as for fences made of reinforced concrete slabs. The exceptions are fences at high fire hazard facilities and those types of fences where bolting or wall plugs are preferable for structural or aesthetic reasons. Fastened by welding, the holders provide high strength of the Gurza spiral barriers installed with them on any objects.

We produce welding holders for mounting all types of Gurza spiral barriers – with diameters of 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm. The material for the holders for the sash is a galvanized square tube, the ends of which are closed with plastic plugs to prevent precipitation. At the ends of the holders there are openings for the tension wire and the fixing of the Gyura security fence. After welding, the parts of the holders with a broken coating are additionally painted with polymer powder paint to protect against corrosion.