Holders for dowels

Holders for dowels for Gurza installing

Anchor holders

Holders for fixing with dowels are used for the installation of Gurza spiral barriers of all types. Fastening with dowels or with a bolt connection is used in case of mounting Gurza barbed wire on metal fences from a welded mesh and a similar type, where it is more reliable to use bolts than welding, and also when installing barriers on non-metallic structures. In addition, fixing with dowels is used in the case of barbed wire installation at high-risk facilities where welding cannot be used – chemical enterprises, gas transmission and gas distribution systems, oil depots or gas stations. Fastening the holders with bolts or dowels provides no less strength than welding, so the reliability of the installation of security barriers remains at the highest level.

We produce dowel holders for all types of Gurza security barriers – with diameters of 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm. The holders are made of a galvanized square tube and a metal profile, and have holes at the ends for attaching the tension wire. The ends of the holder are covered with plastic plugs to avoid precipitation. In addition to the zinc coating, the holders are painted with polymer powder paint for additional protection against corrosion.