Concertina barrier “Gurza-400/3”

Gurza-400/3 spiral security barrier

Security barrier “Gurza-400/3”

Concertina barrier “Gurza-400/3” has a minimum diameter of a turn among the whole range of Gurza spiral barriers. This allows you to recommend it for installation in those places where it is undesirable or impossible to install secutity barriers of larger diameter. Such a spiral fence is well suited for a private courtyard, parking lot, gas station and other similar objects. High efficiency combined with small size and low price will ensure a high level of security at the facility for a reasonable price. We have our own production of Gurza razor wire and Gurza security barriers, so we can guarantee that the quality will be high and the price of barbed wire from the manufacturer.

Spiral security barrier “Gurza-400/3” is made of Gurza razor wire with a diameter of 2.75 mm using 3 clipss per spiral turn. Barrier “Gurza-400/3” has a diameter of 400 mm in the transport position, when stretched to the recommended length, its diameter decreases to about 350-360 mm. Such a concertina can be stretched when installed from 13.5 to 21 meters, the recommended length is 13.5 meters. Our security barriers are certified and are manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications of TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2016 with modern equipment.

Main characteristics “Gurza-400/3” barrier
Coil diameter, mm 400
Coil diameter in the working position, mm 350-360
The number of turns in the coil, pcs., at least 87
The number of clipss on each pair of turns, pcs. 3
Installation length of one coil, m 13.5-21
Recommended length of one coil, m 13.5

In order that the "Gurza-400/3" rural residence could be used for the purpose of capturing the territory, not only needing to buy it, but also to correctly install it. Additional installation of a razor wire on objects of any complexity, and it is also equipped with all the necessary possessions and accessories for the installation of a security barriers in any kind of minds. High-quality barbed wire installation is the key to the reliability and durability of the perimeter protection system.

“Gurza-400/3” barrier specifications

Wire diameter, mm 1.85
Wire standard EN 50189
Tensile strength, N/mm2 1600
Zinc coating, g/m2 80
Razor tape
Razor tape thickness, mm 0.45
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290
Razor tape teeth pitch, mm 25.5
Razor tape blades length, mm 10.5
The radius of the rounding of the base of the blades, mm 2.5
Clip type “Dovetail”
Clip thickness, mm, not less 1.2
Steel standard EN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2 140-290
Clip length in the scan, mm 37
Clip width, mm 10