Concertina razor tape for Gurza barbed wire

Razor tape

Tape width, mm 15.9

Tape thickness, mm 0.45

Price per kg 198

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Gurza barbed wire Standard clip

"Standard" clips

Crimped diameter, mm, up 3.5

Clip thickness, mm 1.2

Price per unit 2.4

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Tension wire for Gurza barbed wire installation

Tension wire

Low carbon, Ø, mm2.5

High carbon, Ø, mm2.2

Price per meter 5.18

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Weld holder for installing the Gurza spiral barrier

Holder for welding

Barrier diameter, mm, up to 600

Type of fastening welding

Price per unit, from 144

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Holders for dowels for Gurza installing

Holder for dowels

Barrier diameter, mm, up to 600

Type of mounting dowel

Price per unit, from 360

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